DenTek Toothache Dental First Aid Kit


Temporarily alleviate toothache problems. Reduces pain and hold loose fillings and crowns in place.

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This product is no longer available.

DenTek Toothache Dental First Aid Kit

Relieve tooth pain.

The Dental First Aid Kit contains various items to temporarily alleviate many toothache problems. Reduce pain and hold loose fillings and crowns in place.

The kit contains an applicator, Temparin Max, Eugenol and a vial for a dislodged tooth.

This product is recommended for:

  • Lost fillings
  • Loose caps and crowns
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Throbbing, persistent toothache due to a cavity
  • Between dentist visits


People who wear braces should change their toothbrushes frequently because braces break down and fracture bristles and the toothbrushes lose their effectiveness.

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