Taking care of a precious asset: your smile – Ruetir

Mouth health is first of all prevention
Parents know this well: taking care of their children’s oral hygiene, but also their own, is not only a matter of health but also of home economics. Care for the good condition of the mouth and teeth can have an important impact on the economic balance of a family and oral health is undoubtedly one of the most burdensome “outgoing” items.
If the saying “prevention is better than cure” is certainly applicable to every aspect of the care of one’s body, in dentistry this becomes indispensable. In fact, correct and daily oral hygiene, constant care of one’s mouth and periodic checks at structures managed by professionals are essential, for an in-depth evaluation of the oral cavity and the identification of an individual plan designed on the needs of the individual.
For a few weeks, those who live in the capital have had the Vigne Nuove clinic in Korian at their disposal. An excellent structure that makes prevention its true ‘mission’ and offers a dental service with modern equipment and expert professionals.
Taking care of a precious asset: your smile – Ruetir

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