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Here’s Why It Is Important To Regularly Change Your Toothbrush

Here’s Why It Is Important To Regularly Change Your Toothbrush
Almost every person in the world checks the expiry date of any item before buying it and especially when it is a food item. Expiry date refers to the date after which the product becomes unusable. Consuming it after this date can be risky. Not only do we check the expiry date, but the manufacturing date as well and the conditions in which the product is being kept. But have you ever seen the expiry date of the toothbrush which we put inside our mouth every day to clean our teeth?
We often buy a toothbrush from the market and use it until its bristles are completely damaged. Or we buy one if we forget our toothbrush at home while traveling somewhere. According to experts, we should change the toothbrush regularly before it reaches its wear and tear limit.
According to dentists at Furumoto Dentistry, Dental Bar, California, a person should replace their toothbrush every three months. However, that doesn’t include the packaged duration of the toothbrush. Packaged toothbrushes do not have an expiry date. But as soon as you open it and start using it, the life cycle of your toothbrush is 3 to 4 months. After this, it is a waste to clean your teeth with that toothbrush.

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